There was the small shop named ”Ebisudou” in Asakusa.
Hide-san who was the owner of the shop created the character named "Kinoko-san". 
Kinoko-san strap and Hide-san's paintings were sold very well at the shop.

The brick and mortar shop was closed. This is the website of Ebisudou that is selling Hide-san's art works.  
The website of his portfolio is as follows:

Please enjoy Hide-san's world!

dog2_1 - コピー.jpg
アートボード 1.png

The newest painting, Dog.  The abandoned dog is trying to find new family by all meas!

ウシさん_2 - コピー.png

The recent painting entitled "COW" is showing at the virtual exhibition, 7th Annual Animal Kingdom Art Exhibition.  Please visit the following link!

7th Annual Animal Kingdom Art Exhibition – September 2022 - Fusion Art (


My paintings are hanging on the wall at Unagi restaurant, "Hyoutan-Ya",  in Ginza, Tokyo.  If you have a chance to come to Ginza and you like Unagi, please enjoy delicious Unagi and my paintings at