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There was the small shop named ”Ebisudou” in Asakusa.
Hide-san who was the owner of the shop created the character named "Kinoko-san". 
Kinoko-san strap and Hide-san's paintings were sold very well at the shop.

The brick and mortar shop was closed. This is the website of Ebisudou that is selling Hide-san's art works.  
The website of his portfolio is as follows:

Please enjoy Hide-san's world!

アートボード 1.png

This is a new short movie.  This is the story of Gonchan who was abandoned dog started happy new life.

ウシさん_2 - コピー.png

My painting, "Bull", is going to exhibit at the Artexpo New York 2023!

I am a member of Artavita who put out the pavilion at the Artexpo every year.    There was the competition to select artsits for 203, and I was selected one of 100 finalists!  

Please come to see my painting at Artexpo if you will be in New York during    30th March to 2ne April 2023.

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